Welcome to Lovelyland

We work by providing advice, support and resources for organisations and community groups who wish to promote and encourage positive attitudes towards food production and healthy lifestyle choices. Using permaculture principles to design gardens, adapt growing spaces and write programmes of activity for groups using food growing as the focus.

We believe passionately that supporting changes in people’s attitude towards food is needed for both the health of our nation and of our planet. Our children are the guardians of the future and we believe they deserve opportunities to learn, through engagement, about where their food comes from. Our team work hard to inform, educate and inspire others to consider lifestyle choices made about the food we eat and to create opportunties for people to engage in activities promoting food production and healthy eating.

Lovelyland is not just one place, it is all around us.


Castlefields Yarn Bombing Crew

Our yarn bombing project celebrates the Castlefields community by displaying hundreds of knitted, crochet and sewn textile decorations which are loving made by the Castlefields Yarn Bombing Crew. We have regular gatherings in Castlefields and we will be holding several ‘Learn to’ workshops for anyone wanting to learn a new skill and join the Crew, so keep your eyes on our workshop page.

This year we are going to make a trail of yarn bombing leading from the Castlewalk Bridge to the Community Hall including displays at the Weir Cafe and the Allotments. This year’s theme is NATURE for more information on ways to get involved, workshop details, patterns ideas join our Facebook Group via the Lovely Land Facebook page.



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Get Involved

You can get involved by starting your own Lovelyland food garden, and at the same time support our work and projects; by joining as a Member of Lovelyland.

For a small annual payment you can find everything you need to plant your own garden, arriving in the post to your door, just at the right time for the new growing season.

Discover unknown exotic vegetables, as well as old favourites. They taste so much better when you’ve grown them yourself!